Sunday, December 02, 2007

Ode to the antenna atop the Times-Tribune building

Cheryl Kashuba of the Lackawanna Historical Society writes a nice piece about the history of the Christmas lights on the WEJL tower. Did you know: Santa used to arrive atop the Times building in a helicopter?

Photo: Erin Nissley's flickr page


Anonymous said...

I guess newspapers can't possibly be responsible for community traditions or otherwise have any civil involvement whatsoever -- even putting up holiday light on the highest structure in the city.
Nice catch, NEPA Media, you got 'em this time.

NEPAmedia said...

Point taken, 11:01, and post revised.

Anonymous said...

The radio people used to have to plug in the lights after shutting down the transmitter. Go up to the roof, plug in eight plugs, go back inside and throw the switch. Morning man had to unplug before he could turn the station back on. Not that way anymore

Anonymous said...

Why so? Did the tower's signal strength blow out the illuminated bulbs?

Anonymous said...

I loved the lighting of the Christmas lights on the Times tower, when I was a child.
The lights meant Santa was coming!
It's a nice memory:)