Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Washington Post checks in from Scranton

The Office begins its fourth season tonight. The Washington Post parachuted in to do the obligatory "People in Scranton were uneasy about the show at first but now they love it story, while the reader advisory board member (?) Betty Roccograndi of the Times Leader and Josh McAullife of the Times-Tribune write about the upcoming Office convention, sponsored in part by Times-Shamrock. The short version: Only B-listers have committed so far.

  • -- Creed is one crazy motherfucker, the Times-Tribune reports

  • -- Additional cast members are expected to join the convention itinerary in the coming days," Josh McAullife reports as fact. Right.

  • -- Betty Roccograndi and the Times Leader pegs its story to a bunch of anonymous Web posts. Great journalism.
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