Monday, September 10, 2007

Seriously, this is like shooting fish in a barrel

Is this what passes for Web 2.0 in Wilkes-Barre? Will there be three Richard Connor mugs with his column next week? Tune in and see!


Anonymous said...

I'm just glad that the Rich Connor photo is available for sale at the Times Leader photo store.

Something like that, in a nice frame, would really complete a tastefully decorated NEPA living room.

Anonymous said...

Or on a coffee mug or mouse pad.

Anonymous said...

Or the dartboard in the mail room.

Jerry said...

"Web 2.0"? Using such a buzzword to describe the poor esthetic choice in the placement of a photo more than once on a page seems erroneous at best. The page can't even be determined as static or dynamic given your contextual media and nothing provided makes any claim of representing "Web 2.0" or Web application, so yours would be a moot point.

Furthermore, most informed new media professionals disregard the usage of buzzwords like "Web 2.0" in their work because its ubiquitous meaning adds little value or understanding to a topic or point being made.

Your point would be much better communicated if you asked if "this is what passes for..." an effective web layout "in Wilkes-Barre" or some other variation the hits the nail's head more accurately.