Thursday, January 25, 2007

TL quotes former reporter Kenneth P. Vogel, now working for

Vogel, who used to cover Harrisburg for the Times Leader, wrote a widely-repeated story Wednesday about Don Sherwood allegedly not paying the money he promised to his ex-mistress to settle her lawsuit. The TL's Kevin Amerman quotes Vogel in Thursday's TL story. has generated a lot of buzz for picking top political reporters off big papers and paying them big bucks.

  • Check out Vogel's profile page at

  • UPDATE: Borys Krawczeniuk and The Times-Tribune of Scranton also has the story, without Vogel but with proper sourcing


    Anonymous said...

    Wow, the guy used to work for them, yet they didn't get the widely e-mailed story online until just before 5pm yesterday.

    The CV beat them by 6 hours.

    Maybe next time he can just place it online for them and cut out the delay.

    Anonymous said...

    Why is the TT covering this? I thought Heleva and the other editors said this isn't news. Are they off the high road?

    Anonymous said...

    Why make the pic so big...yeesh