Thursday, November 30, 2006

Scranton paper makes

Regret The Error, which tracks newspaper corrections and makes fun of especially stupid ones, took a shining to the Scranton Times-Tribune "we hate French Canadians" correction.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Chris Kelly offers hugs to holiday shoppers

Regardless of what you think of Chris Kelly's work, watch the video of Kelly harassing Christmas shoppers in Dickson City Friday morning. It may not be journalism but it is funny, funny shit. Well done, Eric Toffey and Chris Kelly. Well done.

>> Read Kelly's column describing his hug-a-thon

Stacy Brown to chat online with Scranton Times-Tribune readers at noon

Stacy Brown, the paper's city hall reporter, will take questions at noon. Log on to see if the wingnuts are able to sneak their questions in about Brown's role in the ICN conspiracy, etc.

Letter writer: I miss Casey Jones, I wish the TL still had balls

At least this letter wasn't written by Iseman's mom and dad.

TL publisher Connor hearts Al Boscov, buys carts full of DVD players

Connor's strangest column yet, a mix of sweet nothings for his biggest advertiser, Al Boscov, and of ham-handed bragging about all the random shit -- "I bought a clock radio that illuminates the time on a wall and will also play an iPod... Actually, I bought two of those... Someone in the family needs them, I imagined" -- he bought for no particular reason.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Josh McAuliffe voted best reporter in NEPA

Voted by the "readers" of Electric City," that is.

PA paper to get lawyer's fees in FOI case with school board

Though not a NEPA story, it is an interesting case of how a Pa. school board spent almost as much in legal fees ($8,000+) to keep secret a settlement with students for $12,000 over a dress-code dispute.

Local radio goes balls to the wall with Christmas music

Motivation to get XM.

CV letter writer: TL should reveal names of owners

The author has a point.

Iseman under the knife

Iseman had neck surgery, which explains why he's been out of the newspaper, he writes in his column.

TL: Look how caring we are!

The TL published a lengthy article Thanksgiving detailing just how charitable it is when it comes to publishing stories about hard-luck characters. It quotes Joe Butkiewicz with his title of managing editor of the Times Leader Community Newspapers.

The TL is thankful for a two-newspaper town

That news comes out in the paper's Thanksgiving staff editorial.

Former CV city editor Keatley dies

Donald Keatley worked at the TL as sports editor, and retired from the Voice in 1993.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Farmer, McKenna, Matthews win big

Jason Farmer and Pat McKenna (Inland) and Jessica Matthews (PNA) brought home the trophies. Kudos.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Chat with Borys

Borys Krawczeniuk of the Times-Tribune goes online this afternoon to talk politics. Be sure to read it later even if you miss the live chat.

WTF? County PR lady gets photo in Scranton Times-Tribune

Jenine Ikeler's photo credit -- for a picture of her boss looking at an old newspaper -- was strange.

TL fighting to learn donors to Hazleton anti-immigrant legal defense fund

Steve Mocarsky writes that the city attorney in Hazleton who just learned to shave has denied the TL's request because naming the people paying the city's legal bills will get their asses kicked.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

WBRE's Lyndall Stout ties the knot


CV to appeal $3.5m libel verdict against paper, Ed Lewis

This won't be the last you read of the verdict that Thomas Joseph won against the Voice for allegedly sloppy journalism.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Scranton Times cleared by FEC of running illegal ad

The "Better Together" billboard was stupid but not illegal.

Carney complains about Connor's pro-Sherwood lines in Sherwood ad

Try to make sense of the story if you can. In any case, Connor is fine with the TL appearing in the Sherwood ad.

Connor: Here's why we endorsed Sherwood and Santorum

It's pointless to try and recap the column. Read it yourself and cry for Iseman.

Friday, November 03, 2006

What exactly happened to Casey Jones?

And how the hell did the TL endorse Don Sherwood in Friday's paper?

The TL's lead columnist was disappeared just like Steve Corbett was. Not a word, not a sound. Here's a timeline of events:

  • Oct. 19: Casey goes after Sherwood in his column.

  • Oct. 22: Casey writes about regionalization. Yawn. This would turn out to be Casey's last column.

  • Oct. 27: Casey writes a puff piece story about a new pizza place downtown. It looked like his first -- and last -- story as a reporter, presumably after losing his column.

  • Oct. 27: TL runs a story that seems to repudiate the anti-Sherwood column by complaining about its role in a Carney ad

  • Oct. 28: TL runs a second story repudiating Casey's column as not the newspaper's official line

  • Oct. 29: Tom Mooney appears in the Sunday columnist's slot with a piece titled "Put on wax teeth, and let fantasies begin"

  • Nov. 1: A note concerning Casey's departure is at the end of Renita Fennick's column but not published on the Web site

  • Nov. 3: In a stunner, the TL endorses Sherwood

  • The link to Casey's page has been removed from the TL's roster of columnists.

    Dave Janoski, Pat McKenna, Jim Githens and some dude from Bloomsburg on WVIA-TV

    The four were on Thursday night to talk about politics. Did anyone see it?

    TL runs two Sunday Page One advertorials about its Web operation

    My God. Does Connor understand that he is consigning the TL to a permanent seat at the kiddie table with front page press releases like this? "Some publishers are finding ways to combine the Internet’s immediacy and accessibility with their papers’ unique content. Count Times Leader Editor and Publisher Richard L. Connor among them." It's a shame to see the paper piss away whatever credibility it has as a vigorous truth-teller.

  • A fawning companion "story" about how life will be better with Bonus points for the worst lead ever: "Not long after Halloween a new Monster will be coming to town."
  • Rich Connor kisses up to businessman on the editorial board

    Another love-in from the TL publisher. Read his column for kisses for Scott Burnside, as well as thumbnail bios of Iseman, Lacoe, Butkiewicz, DeHaven and Jennifer Sorber.

    HUGE NEWS: TL wins First Amendment award for advocacy of high-school poet

    The "award" came from a high-school press association on the recommendation of the same guy Mark Guydish and the TL glowingly profiled a couple weeks ago.

    TL works out deal re: FOI lawsuit with Kingston cops

    Doesn't sound like much of a deal, but whatever.

    Turn of the screw in TL's FOI case with Hazleton cops

    Click on the link to read more.

    Can you imagine working at the Weekender for the last 13 years?

    That's what Michael Golubiewski has been doing, according to his recent Weekender column. Poor guy.

    More on the CV losing its libel case with Thomas Joseph

    The Voice had a story of its own (click above) but the TL stuck with wire copy.

  • The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press had a good story about the case too
  • Letter writer: Robbery and theft mean different things

    The difference, apparently, is lost on TL editors, David Berman of Wilkes-Barre writes.

    Dad: Why o why did TL run photo of my daughter collapsing at XC race?

    That's what Dr. Gerald Levandoski of the Back Mountain asks in a letter to the editor. Answer: Because it's the newspaper, dummy.