Monday, January 28, 2008

Richard Connor of the TL loves Obama

Times Leader Editor Richard Connor writes that "we need a bridge builder." Noted.

In Fort Worth, Connor writes (again) about the rodeo


Anonymous said...

The national media had this kind of love affair with a political candidate eight years ago and it was Bush. Before that it was Clinton. We are the king makers.
Obama remains untested. Nobody is asking him the same questions they are asking the other candidates.

Anonymous said...

No one cared that Bush snorted cocaine, or paid for the abortion of his maid's daughter he impregnated, or that he dodged the draft. As president, no one cared he stole two elections, or that he gave phoney White House press credentials and a fake name to Jeff Gannon, a male prostitute, who visited the private residence regularly and NEVER SIGNED OUT.
Tough questions? When was the last time a tough question was asked? I know, let's ask Hillary about Monica!!