Friday, January 04, 2008

Best story ever: CV carrier has first W-B baby of '08, was carrying papers up until the end

Denise Allabaugh has the story of Cari Hunsinger, the CV carrier who had the first Wilkes-Barre baby of 2008 and who was carrying papers the morning before the blessed event. "My mom delivers newspapers with me. My hips were starting to hurt. I get out and walk a lot," she tells the CV. "Last night, I fell on the ice. That probably helped speed this up.”


Tom Carten said...

The CV delivers. Even the carrier delivers!

Anonymous said...

Wow, a woman gives birth. What's next: Man gets woman pregnant

Anonymous said...

No. Hed: Wilkes-Barre couple who had baby are actually married

Anonymous said...

Nice story.
A New Year's baby story may be fluff in the grand scheme, but at least it's one of the fun assignments reporters get to do. And every few years, like this one, you're lucky enough to have a great story to boot.
It was also nice to see a carrier get some kudos.
Everyone on these boards likes to harp on the reporters, editors and the writing in the papers, but like in any business, the least paid employees are often the ones who have the biggest impact on your customers. Ie. tellers, cashiers, carriers ...etc.
How many times do you get complaints about your papers, not because of a story, but because it wasn't delivered on time, because it was wet, because it wasn't wrapped in plastic, because an insert is missing etc...?
Good carriers are worth their weight in gold from a public relations standpoint.
Congratulations to the carrier and to her bundle of joy.
And while I know I'm late with this, Happy New Year to all on the board.