Saturday, July 29, 2006

TL staff editorial sending Pat McHugh into the sunset

Farewell, Pat McHugh. We hardly knew ye.

It's official: Rich Connor takes over the TL

The $65 million deal was sealed Friday afternoon, Renita Fennick reports.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Alan K. Stout will miss Pat McHugh

Another positive sendoff piece. Is someone counting these?

More of the McHugh lovefest, and an invitation to Times-Shamrock journalists

Intriguing. Buried in the last legs of another McHugh canonization piece (we love his laugh!) is this line: "We’d love to give local, seasoned journalists a shot at working at the best newspaper in Northeast Pennsylvania. You know who we are talking about. Spice up your work life and give me a call." Have others at the CV and Scranton Times been in talks with Golas? Is Ed Lewis not the last to change teams?

Making it legal

The good people of Towanda won't tolerate any living in sin. So before George Lynett's son moves up to Towanda with his girl to be the publisher, they better make it legal. Two days after his appointment was announced, his engagement is announced. Katey Lisk is also a Times-Shamrock employee. The big day is Sept. 2.

Second-quarter radio numbers are in

Note that the only radio guy quoted by the CV's Mary Ondrako is a former Times Shamrock employee.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

More on McHugh

TL editor Matt Golas continues his sendoff for publisher Pat McHugh with another newsroom note.

Ed Lewis joins the TL!?!

Matt Golas, in his newsroom note, reveals that the Ed Lewis whose byline is in the newspaper is THE Ed Lewis of the Citizens' Voice. How often does this happen? How did Ed's departure play out on North Washington Avenue?

Friday, July 21, 2006

McHugh: "This is not a resignation"

Then it's a firing, I guess. The story was tops on Romenesko's left-hand rail this morning.

Here's the Voice's weak story:
  • New TL owner returns to post as publisher

  • Here's the Matt Golas newsroom note on McHugh's departure:
  • Morning note: Who is McHugh?
  • Thursday, July 20, 2006

    McHugh out at TL

    Rich Connor will take over as publisher. Now, if he could just sell that McMansion....

    Tuesday, July 18, 2006

    The TL´s Golas goes after the CV, accuses it of yellow journalism

    TL editor Matt Golas uses his Monday newsroom note to really beat on the Voice, calling them minor-leaugers and worse for a Sunday Voice house ad trashing the TL. The Voice piece is not online, not surprisingly.

    Former CVer, TLer injured in softball accident

    Len Brussock, who worked at both Wilkes-Barre newspapers for a total of 48 years, was umpimg a softball game when he was struck in the face with a bat. He´s lost the sight in one eye.

    Monday, July 17, 2006

    Times-Tribune biz page blows the publishers

    A story (two, in fact) about a new service that is coincidentally owned by the Scranton Times-Tribune: "When mWIRE launches Monday, consumers will be able to call an automated telephone service, leave a message of what they want and how much they will pay, and several merchants may call back with offers.

    “This service turns the Yellow Pages on its head,” said Matthew Haggerty, mWIRE project manager for Scranton-based Times-Shamrock. “Here, all you have to do is make one phone call and let the merchants compete for your business.”

    Jesus. And people wonder why the Lynetts have a bad journalism reputation with some people.

    Here´s the sidebar to this fine business journalism:

  • Local search´s launch part of broader trend
  • Another turn in the TL´s FOI suit in Hazleton

    The newspaper has been trying to get ahold of the test scores of police officer candidates in Hazleton. The city has resisted, and has been joined by the state FOP.

    Tom Mooney, we hardly knew ye

    Longtime TL reporter and copy editor Tom Mooney retires, and Mike Liechty throws a party in his honor. Read Steve Mocarsky name-check Mary Therese Biebel, Jerry Kellar, Joe Soprano and Dawn Shurmaitis.

    Saturday, July 15, 2006

    Best. News. Ever. Casey Jones starts blogging

    When Casey Jones starts blogging, you know the end is near. Check out the first one at:

    TL: Kingston mayor´s lawsuit is full of crap

    At least that´s what TL lawyer Ralph Kates says.

    Former TLer Chris Doyle promoted in Florida

    Doyle, who worked at the Times Leader back when, is escaping DeKalb, Ill. for a VP´s job in Naples, Fla. Kudos.

    Ch-ch-changes in Scranton, a Lynett moves to Towanda

    The general manager of the Towanda paper is the new general manager of the Scranton Times-Tribune, succeeding Hal Marion. As part of the same deal, George Lynett Jr. moves to the GM job in Towanda.

    Tuesday, July 11, 2006

    W-B paper breaking the balls of the Scranton diocese

    The Wilkes-Barre Times Leader is going after the Scranton diocese big time. Coincidentally, The Scranton Times and the Lynett family has always had a reputation as apologists for the diocese. The series seems to imply that the diocese has gotten a free pass up in Scranton. The series also takes pains to point out that TL editor Matt Golas and publisher Pat McHugh are Catholics. Read the stories and post what you think.

  • Read the TL stories
  • Old Sunday Independent publisher ticked that his paper didn´t get a mention in TL

    Harp Heffernan writes in that the TL didn´t mention the Sunday Independent in his history of NEPA recently. Sorry, dude. Maybe you shouldn´t have sold out.

    Sunday, July 02, 2006

    Catch up on the news in local radio

    with Mary Ondrako, the radio columnist who once referred to "jass" music. This week: The polka and bocci shows on WNAK are moving but not disappearing.

    Local leaders grit their teeth, tell TL how happy they are to be in a two-paper town

    Of course big shots are going to tell the TL they are pleased with the continued existence of the TL. Of course, if they said anything else, their asses would be beat in print for weeks.

    TL letter writer: We need a two-paper town in Scranton

    Another lover of the TL writes a letter to the editor.