Friday, November 07, 2008

More on the Times-Tribune v. Times Leader obit flap

• Erin Nissley of The Times-Tribune reports in detail on the newspaper's lawsuit, with remarks from lawyers on both sides as well as Larry Beaupre

• Jen Marckini reports on the TL's point of view, which is that it's perfectly fine to copy obits from

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Breaking: Times-Tribune sues Times Leader, accuses it of plagarizing dozens of obits

Exciting! "I've never seen such a vast and blatant example of plagiarism in my 40 years of journalism," Times-Tribune Managing Editor Larry Beaupre reports after the T-T sued the TL for cribbing Scranton obits for the TL's Scranton edition. The T-T sued the TL in Lackawanna County for unjust enrichment, fraud, etc. Good stuff.

Tragic: Liar Frank Andrews Shimkus loses re-election bid

Liar – and potential perjurer – Frank Andrews Shimkus failed to get re-elected to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, meaning the former WYOU news director will have to take his diploma-mill advanced degrees and find work elsewhere.

Given what has been exposed about his conduct as a state representative (hogging the per diems, crashing all the state cars, the residence issue, the potential perjury issue) it would be interesting to look more into his conduct at WYOU, especially as it connects with his political ambitions.