Friday, November 07, 2008

More on the Times-Tribune v. Times Leader obit flap

• Erin Nissley of The Times-Tribune reports in detail on the newspaper's lawsuit, with remarks from lawyers on both sides as well as Larry Beaupre

• Jen Marckini reports on the TL's point of view, which is that it's perfectly fine to copy obits from


Anonymous said...

That front page looks great.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the "Express Line" with that ad on the bottom

Anonymous said...

Cartman thinks it's okay to plagarize ANYTHING that doesn't have a byline or wasn't created 100 percent by a reporter. How about editorials? Advertisements? News briefs? Police Blotters? Sports results?
Cartem says its all public domaine so bugger off TS!

Anonymous said...

Cartman? Sweeeeeet.

Tom Carten said...

8:39 --

Sigh; I am talking about the WB situation *only* and not about how things are done in Scranton.

Rinse. Repeat.

In WB, obits are sent to both papers. WB. What happens in Scranton stays in Scranton.

I never said it's ok to plagiarize anything. Don't put words into my mouth or on my keyboard.

Nor did I say anything is public domain. (Save that extra "e"; you might need it sometime.)

Just deal with what I said, and not what you want me to say. And keep your rants in the appropriate threads, of which this is not one.

grrrr. Now I need a nice hot steaming mug of tea to settle my liver and kidneys. It's a cold, overcast day and we really need warm words to make us feel jolly.

Cartman and/or Cartem signing off for now.

Anonymous said...


You still don't understand that each newspaper employs a person to write the actual obit.

Yes, the funeral director sends a base of information, but there is an actual clerk that writes what you are seeing in the newspaper.

Tom Carten said...

I know there is an obit desk, because someone helped me fashion an obit for an out-of-area person I submitted. At the CV, it's x-lines for free, $ for over that. I opted for free and did a couple of edits ("Sorry about your life, sir, but it's my money involved"). I wrote my parents' obits, as well.

What I was trying to get across was --at least here in The City of Black Diamonds-- you will see them pretty much the same. The TL edits down many of them to fit their style for out-of-area, etc., but the locals often go as written by Digger O'Dell.

Especially the big ones, the "let's tell the whole story, starting with the night their parents went from first base to a home run." Or the captains of industry and/ or their wives, the captainesses, who get long and rambling notices.

I can often spot those which the CV probably said, "Get this down to x-lines and it's free."

Anonymous said...

So cut-and-pasting obits from another paper is okay again why?

Anonymous said...

Cut the check, Rich.

Tom Carten said...

11:15 --

So cut-and-pasting obits from another paper is okay again why?

Are you talking to me? I'm against it and have said so several times. Locally, we get them at the same time, so that's neither necessary nor possible.

Up the road to the next viable city ... let them fight it out in court.

I do know that, years ago when I was first here, it was acceptable for either of the WB papers to print obits that appeared in one but not the other.

Repeat: Years ago. Times, customs and rules may well have changed since then. We are talking, maybe, 25 years ago. The reason for that was they were undertaker-written and printed as submitted.

Those were the days when both papers printed them for free, regardless of size (unless they were paid ads which, in the case of the CV, had a box around them).

Anonymous said...

The Times-Tribune obit clerk is a coke head with barely a high school education.

Not that that makes it okay.

Anonymous said...

The TL's baseball writer is a barely literate hillbilly with a gambling problem who borrows money off sources to bet the ponies and spends more time at Mohegan Sun than in the newsroom.

What's your point?

Anonymous said...

Where did the operator go? Did he violate parole & is back in the klink?

Anonymous said...

sure is /b/tard in here.