Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Connor of the TL on Starbucks and managing

Have you noticed how those Starbucks coffee shops! They're everywhere!

Corbett walks around his old 'hood in Wilkes-Barre, mourns his zen garden

Those of you who miss Corbett's Times Leader ruminations about his South River Street neighborhood -- who can forget the Japanese pine tree in the front yard? -- should read his WILK column about his recent return. His verdict: "Wilkes-Barre is miserable."

Maybe having the reporter's picture with each story isn't the best idea

Cumberland County isn't exactly Berwick, but any story where a naked dude walks into a Sheetz and eats a Slim Jim is a good one.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Murdoch not selling Ottaway (and the Pocono Record) after all

Everyone worried about Times-Shamrock buying the Pocono Record can relax. Rupert is keeping the Record and the other Ottaway papers after all.

Farewell, nepatvnewser, we hardly knew ye

Turns out it was a class project. Click the screen shot at left to read the farewell note from Toby, the proprietor.

Ed Christine lands in Binghamton

In the old news department, Ed Christine is working as news editor at the Press & Sun-Bulletin in beautiful Binghamton, N.Y. Be sure to give him a call next time you're up there taking in a B-Mets game.