Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Murdoch not selling Ottaway (and the Pocono Record) after all

Everyone worried about Times-Shamrock buying the Pocono Record can relax. Rupert is keeping the Record and the other Ottaway papers after all.


Anonymous said...

...for now.

Anonymous said...

The Record is now a full-flegded Murdoch newspaper. Ads on Page One, focus on crime, sex and animals. Circulation turmoil with 3 circ managers gone in two years as penetrtation sinks into the 30s,. and tough print competition moving in strong. Layoffs in edit and staff slots unfilled. Circulation farmed to Philippines. May staffers ashamed of what the paper has become. Example. Recent Sunday lead with screaming heads about a whore master who lost money to his whores. Murdoch did not sell because he could not. There is little or no market for daily newspapers, and he could not anywhere near retrieve his investment. Ottaway family got out with double the market value of their newspapers. Ironic because Jim Ottaway fought Murdoch's takeover