Sunday, November 18, 2007

Welcome Charles Schillinger to the Times-Tribune

The York Newspaper Company has completed their recent trade with the Times-Tribune of Scranton by sending reporter Charles Schillinger to the Times-Tribune. Schillinger, a 2003 graduate of York College of Pennsylvania, later reported on The Daily Review in Towanda and the Hanover Evening Sun -- isn't that where the potato chips come from? -- as well as The York Dispatch (not the YDR as reported here earlier). Schillinger was recognized by the PNA for his reporting on the shooting deaths of two Bradford County sheriff's deputies in 2005. Welcome.


Anonymous said...

York. Is that the county where those idiots put Creationism in the H.S. Science courses?
Yeah, much more sophisticated than NEPA. At least we believe in biology and physics. (we just aren't very good at it.)

Anonymous said...


Actually, he is from the Dispatch, the 6-day-a-week p.m. paper in York.

The Daily Record is a 7-day-a-week a.m. paper.

NEPAmedia said...

Apologies. The item has been corrected.

NEPAmedia said...

A correspondent explains:

"Charles Schillinger did not work at the York Daily Record. He worked for the York Dispatch, a 6-day-a-week p.m. paper with a smaller circulation. The Daily Record is a 7 day a.m. paper.

"It's a mistake that people make often. There is a JOA in York, but it only is for the business department. Many think there is a joint Sunday paper and/or newsroom, which is false."

Anonymous said...

there isn't a joint newsroom...the two newspapers just work in the same office.

if someone wants to clue to me on how that works -- that would be fabulous because i still don't get it.

Anonymous said...

The newsrooms do not work in the same building, and do not share news or other information. The editorial departments have separate owners.

The JOA agreement is strictly limited to other aspects of the newspaper, such as advertising.

Anonymous said...

The JOA structure doesn't matter. Both advertizing and the newsroom believe the world is 4,000 years old.