Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Times goes "big time" when reporter appears as MSNBC talking head

Is it really newsworthy, in 2005, when someone is interviewed on TV? And what kind of "family friend" goes on national television to talk about his "friend's" family problems?

By Terry Bonifanti
The Times-Tribune
Dec. 21, 2005

Monitoring Michael from Electric City

It’s a long way from Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch to Scranton, but Times-Tribune staff writer and MSNBC analyst Stacy Brown still manages to keep close tabs on the King of Pop’s trials and tribulations. Stacy, a Jackson family friend and author of “Michael Jackson: The Man Behind the Mask,” shared his insights on the Gloved One’s latest woes with MSNBC viewers Tuesday morning.

Appearing via satellite from NBC affiliate WBRE-TV’s Wilkes-Barre studios, Stacy was asked by MSNBC’s Randy Meier and Amy Robach about a report that Debbie Rowe, Mr. Jackson’s ex-wife, filed legal papers accusing the singer of abducting their two children and taking them to Bahrain.

“Debbie has been all over the map on this. One minute, she wants custody; the next minute, she doesn’t. ... You just don’t know where Debbie’s coming from, from time to time,” he told MSNBC.

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