Monday, September 19, 2005

Scranton Times source fired over grand jury leak

The state investigator for the AG's office apparently served as a post-publication second source (?!) for a 2004 grand jury story that everyone from the story subjects to a series of judges says is a bunch of bullshit.

And check out this bit from the stroy:
Mr. Blynn said Times-Tribune Assistant Managing Editor John Murphy approached his client about a year after the controversial story was published and asked for the affidavit because the newspaper had only one source for the story.

Mr. Kolojejchick provided the affidavit, Mr. Blynn said, because Mr. Murphy said his newspaper job was in jeopardy and because the newspaper had helped the attorney general’s prison investigation.

In a statement Friday, Mr. Murphy said: “Mr. Blynn’s and Mr. Kolojejchick’s version of events is inaccurate, but since we’re involved in a lawsuit I cannot comment further.”

I would hate to be the reporter chasing down his editor for a quote. Yow.

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