Friday, June 26, 2009

T-T reporter Stacy Brown and Michael Jackson go way back

Scranton Times-Tribune Stacy Brown has been turning up all over the place today because of his knowledge of (and book about) Michael Jackson. Brown wrote a first-person piece for the T-T about it all.

>> WILK's Steve Corbett writes about his dealings with Jackson out in California when Corbett covered Jackson's criminal trial

R.I.P. Michael Jackson

Corbett and Jackson out in California. Nov. 14, 2002. From the AP.

Friday, November 07, 2008

More on the Times-Tribune v. Times Leader obit flap

• Erin Nissley of The Times-Tribune reports in detail on the newspaper's lawsuit, with remarks from lawyers on both sides as well as Larry Beaupre

• Jen Marckini reports on the TL's point of view, which is that it's perfectly fine to copy obits from

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Breaking: Times-Tribune sues Times Leader, accuses it of plagarizing dozens of obits

Exciting! "I've never seen such a vast and blatant example of plagiarism in my 40 years of journalism," Times-Tribune Managing Editor Larry Beaupre reports after the T-T sued the TL for cribbing Scranton obits for the TL's Scranton edition. The T-T sued the TL in Lackawanna County for unjust enrichment, fraud, etc. Good stuff.

Tragic: Liar Frank Andrews Shimkus loses re-election bid

Liar – and potential perjurer – Frank Andrews Shimkus failed to get re-elected to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, meaning the former WYOU news director will have to take his diploma-mill advanced degrees and find work elsewhere.

Given what has been exposed about his conduct as a state representative (hogging the per diems, crashing all the state cars, the residence issue, the potential perjury issue) it would be interesting to look more into his conduct at WYOU, especially as it connects with his political ambitions.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Fearless: The Richard A. Sprague Story" coming to bookstores soon!

(Note: This will be the most carefully-written blog post in American history.) While it isn't labeled as such, what appears to be the official/authorized biography of Richard A. Sprague is on its way to bookstores, courtesy of our friends at the American Bar Association.

"Richard A. Sprague's philosophy holds that the law is sacred in this land, and as a lawyer he has always had the solemn obligation to fight as hard as he could to make the law serve his client, whether the client be the people of the United States, the people of Pennsylvania, or an individual caught up in the system," the blurb on the ABA site says. "Read this compelling story of a man who wasn't afraid to risk everything to fight for his fellow man and made a difference in the legal profession."

In short: The perfect Secret Santa gift for John Murphy!

Frank Andrews Shimkus still scrapping towards election day

Good old Frank Andrews Shimkus, who has been a hell of a time with concussions and car crashes and judges calling him out for lying, debated the challenger for his state representative's seat the other night. Read Shari Sanger's report in The Times-Tribune.

Another collegiate press politics story: Elderly W-B man answers door in his underwear

A reporter from George Washington University's student paper accompanied some College Republicans on a trip to Wilkes-Barre. One volunteer was asked if she was legally in the country. Another found an old man in his skivvies. Yum.

Columbia student writes about Scranton's anti-Obama Democrats

The substantial number of anti-Obama Democrats in Scranton has gotten a free pass from the press, especially concerning people like Tony Rodham, Jamie Brazil and other Hillary people who have cast their lot with McCain. A Columbia University student wrote an interesting story about the phenomenon.

Monday, October 27, 2008

"The project isn't as ambitious as it sounds"

All of you who thought you'd never see the Times Leader try to break into the Scranton market: These are strange days indeed. After soft-launched a few weeks ago, real printed editions of the Times Leader's "Scranton edition" hit the streets today.

Does this qualify as a shot across the bow of the Lynetts? More like a pea shooter. Or maybe just a dirty look. The content was amazingly thin, rewritten press releases and repurposed W-B copy. As Scott Wasser told the troops in a memo, "the project isn't as ambitious as it sounds." Readers have no reason to doubt him so far.

>> Read Rich Connor's hearty hello to the people of Lackawanna County
>> Read Managing Editor Scott Wasser's memo to the troops

Edward J. Lynett Jr. wins PNA lifetime acheivement award

Click above for The Times-Tribune's report. Kudos.

Ed Lewis wants to be called The Ambassador

"I’m not condoning the use of street names; my job as a crime reporter brings me in regular contact with multiple law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, defense attorneys, defendants, witnesses and victims," Ed Lewis writes. "That’s why I want to be called “The Ambassador."

Connor of the TL: I heart McCain, but I still let the paper endorse Obama

Romenesko picked up Connor's Sunday piece, where he extols the virtues of Maverick John McCain. "I could have overruled but didn’t because I believe our process was democratic, the decision a mirror of what appears to be the sentiment of many persons, perhaps even a majority," Connor writes, "and because I respect the intellectual honesty of the members of our editorial endorsement board."

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mark Kandel, husband of WNEP's Marisa Burke, sentenced for providing booze to minors

Mark Kandel, former Scranton School Board member and NEIU bigshot -- and husband of WNEP's Marisa Burke -- was sentenced to 90 days home arrest for providing alcohol to minors at his home, The Times-Tribune reports.

>> Read WNEP's somewhat brief item

Josh Brodesky moving up at the Arizona Daily Star

Josh Brodesky, formerly of The Times-Tribune of Scranton, has been named the new real estate reporter at the Arizona Daily Star in Tuscon. Brodesky gets a shout-out (click above) from his new editor for coverage of the dysfunctional department of Child Protective Services there. Kudos.

Rich Connor part of group to buy Blethen Maine Newspapers?!?

A blog in Washington state is reporting that a blog in Maine is reporting that the Portland Press Herald is reporting that Times Leader Editor/Publisher Richard Connor is part of a group trying to buy the Maine newspapers owned by the Blethen family. Connor, the Portland paper reports, was born in Maine.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Longtime WNEP staffer Tim Karlson dies

Karlson worked in a number of departments at WNEP going back to 1983. Condolences.

Read the TL story
Read the CV story
Read the Times-Tribune story
A Beale's Bites post about Karlson
Vince Sweeney eulogizes Karlson on his blog

More on the 'kill him' controversy at Scranton's Palin rally

• The Times-Tribune reports more about what reporter Dave Singleton heard and where he heard it
• “TL story draws national interest,” the TL reports, noting that their initial story drew more than 200,000 page views
• Singleton tells ProPublica that a Secret Service flack has suggested that the story should never have been published
• Singleton's reporting isn't good enough for University of Scranton journalism professor Matthew Reavy, who calls the death threat story "unsupported" on his blog

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Times Leader: No one to corroborate Times-Tribune report of "kill him" at Palin rally

Fight! The Times-Tribune of Scranton reported that someone yelled "kill him" at the Sarah Palin rally in Scranton on Tuesday. The threat was national news, and was fodder for Keith Olbermann's show that night.

Andrew Seder and the Times Leader hit back hard, all but calling the story a fabrication. The story quotes the local Secret Service boss as being "baffled" by the Times-Tribune story. Reporter Dave Singleton and Metro Editor Jeff Sonderman are both namechecked. The Times-Tribune also has a story about the Secret Service investigation of the threat, but omits the agency's skepticism. Discuss.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Connor of the TL on Starbucks and managing

Have you noticed how those Starbucks coffee shops! They're everywhere!

Corbett walks around his old 'hood in Wilkes-Barre, mourns his zen garden

Those of you who miss Corbett's Times Leader ruminations about his South River Street neighborhood -- who can forget the Japanese pine tree in the front yard? -- should read his WILK column about his recent return. His verdict: "Wilkes-Barre is miserable."

Maybe having the reporter's picture with each story isn't the best idea

Cumberland County isn't exactly Berwick, but any story where a naked dude walks into a Sheetz and eats a Slim Jim is a good one.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Murdoch not selling Ottaway (and the Pocono Record) after all

Everyone worried about Times-Shamrock buying the Pocono Record can relax. Rupert is keeping the Record and the other Ottaway papers after all.

Farewell, nepatvnewser, we hardly knew ye

Turns out it was a class project. Click the screen shot at left to read the farewell note from Toby, the proprietor.

Ed Christine lands in Binghamton

In the old news department, Ed Christine is working as news editor at the Press & Sun-Bulletin in beautiful Binghamton, N.Y. Be sure to give him a call next time you're up there taking in a B-Mets game.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dave Janoski of the CV subpoenaed by Louis DeNaples

Richard Sprague associates are "in a hunt for the source of what they say were illegal leaks from a grand jury," The Morning Call reports. Sound familiar? This time, the targets are Citizens' Voice reporter Dave Janoski and others who reported aggressively about Louis DeNaples, the Rev. Joseph Sica and their alleged ties to organized crime. Interesting: No reporters from Times-Tribune of Scranton or the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader were subpoenaed.

>> Read the comparatively brief Times-Tribune story about the matter

Former WBRE reporter Molly Henneberg wins Broadcast & Cable award

Fox News reporter Molly Henneberg, formerly of WBRE, was named one of 12 "next wave of leaders" winners by Broadcast & Cable. Kudos. (Corrected to delete erroneous references to WNEP)

Big changes at the Weekender

Not really. But editor Mike Lello updates readers on the latest changes at Luzerne County's biggest entertainment weekly published by Rich Connor.

Andy Palumbo has a blog

WNEP's Andy Palumbo has a blog. Enjoy.

Cap Cities-era TL vet gets online media job

We've never heard of PV Media Group, but prnewswire says James McDonald -- who "has run two of the nation’s largest weekly newspapers in Manhattan and Philadelphia, while also overseeing the launch of a hugely successful newspaper for then-Capital Cities/ABC Publishing in the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, Pa., market" -- is the new vice president of sales. Kudos.

Forbes columnist writes about Times-Tribune libel case

A flack for the National Association of Manufacturers writes at about The Times-Tribune and the libel case involving John Murphy, Jennifer Henn, Joe Corcoran, and Randy Castellani. The piece, headlined "Too much freedom of the press," is about how a federal shield law is a bad idea. Right.

Times-Tribune makes Gawker with story about Kanjo scuffle

Borys Krawczeniuk and The Times-Tribune of Scranton get a shout-out on Gawker this afternoon with the paper's story about Kanjo (allegedly, maybe) bumping the camera of some dude who got in his face. Dan Flood would have busted the guy's nose.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Former NEPA kid Lauren Weisberger has a new book coming out

Lauren Weisberger, 31, lived in the Abingtons for a few years when she was a kid but is often identified in print as a Scranton native. Her new novel, Chasing Harry Winston, arrives in stores this week.

WBRE'S Kristi Capel: America's hottest weather anchor

So says the T&A site Let the misogynistic comments begin!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Revisiting the Chiquita story in Cincinnati

Former Cincinnati Enquirer reporter Cameron McWhirter has an interesting piece in the latest CJR about shield laws and the infamous Chiquita story -- supervised by Larry Beaupre, who left the paper in the fallout and is now the editor of The Times-Tribune of Scranton. (Beaupre, like McWhirter and everyone else, was played by lead reporter Mike Gallagher, who lied to his colleagues and his lawyers.) An interesting read.

Stories we missed: Frank Andrews Shimkus gets married

If you want to melt your brain, read the Electric City account (click above) of the wedding of the two former WYOU newspeople united in taxpayer employment and in love.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Stories we missed: Dave Iseman gets a promotion in the Ozarks

We're just happy to have a new mug. But Dave Iseman impressed his bosses at the News-Leader of Springfield, Mo. enough that they picked him over 22 other applicants to run the paper's editorial page. Click above to read editor Don Wyatt's laudatory story announcing the move. Kudos.

Stories we missed: Times Shamrock buys Virgin Islands paper (!)

Somehow, this seems like a scheme an entirely legitimate business move to hold annual Times-Shamrock meetings in the Caribbean or get Lynett-Haggerty kids someplace nicer to work their way up in the biz than Shamokin and Hazleton. But the Daily News of the Virgin Islands won a Pulitzer Prize in the last 15 years, so it can't be all bad. (The paper won the Pulitzer under Gannett ownership in 1995.)

>> Read the E&P account
>> Read the work that won the Pulitzer, as well as the citation and associated information

Matt Kemeny, formerly of The Times-Tribune, at top position on

Matthew Kemeny, now at The Patriot-News of Harrisburg, enjoys the top position on Jim Romenesko's today with the story of Harrisburg police impersonating pizza delivery guys to catch robbers.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

BREAKING: Chris Kelly has a concealed-carry permit

We'd been in a bit of a funk after seeing Green Ridge's own Joe Biden do so badly in the Pennsylvania primary. Or maybe we were waiting for the right bit of news to resume our solemn NEPA Media duties. This may be it: Chris Kelly has a concealed-carry permit.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Frank Andrews Shimkus sets the date

Frank Shimkus, the ex-TV newsman formerly known as Frank Andrews, had his engagement announcement run in the Times-Tribune on Sunday. He will wed former TV news subordinate Gabrielle Prutisto on May 3. For the record, the announcement says Frank lives in Throop. That man needs to get his story straight.

Former T-T reporter Josh Brodesky wins SPJ award

Former Scranton Times-Tribune reporter Josh Brodesky, now of the Arizona Daily Star in Tucson, was the co-winner of the Arizona SPJ's Sunshine Award, which recognizes important contributions to FOI issues. Kudos.

Times-Tribune alumni hit the Obscure Store daily double

At the end of the day Wednesday, two Scranton Times-Tribune alumni had the two top stories on Jim Romenesko's Obscure Store site. Matthew Kemeny of The Patriot-News in Harrisburg had a story about all the madness at the Susquehanna Township Chuck E. Cheese, while Lauren Roth of the Virginian-Pilot in Norfolk, Va. had a story about a schoolteacher who was running an escort service on the side. Kudos to all. (Both stories have since moved down the page a bit.)

The Times-Tribune goes inside the Scranton mayor's Clinton fundaiser

We know we're behind the curve on this, but Times-Tribune reporter Stacy Brown wrote an interesting first-person take on the high roller-only party Scranton Mayor Chris Doherty threw last week for the Clintons. Admission: $2,300 a head. The mayor invited Brown and his wife to the party, evidently the only reporter there.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Richard Connor of the TL: My friends don't know me very well

That's the obvious conclusion after Connor – who wrote about the spate of anti-Semitic vandalism in Wilkes-Barre – writes that people he knows have twice recently talked about "Jewing them down" and the like. Thing is, Connor's daughter is married to a Jewish guy. Oops! He also gets a shot in at Obama for good measure.

Shakeup at WBRE?

A tipster reports that s/he heard that Agent Andy Mehalshick is moving off the anchor desk. "Since it's better than 50-50 that Lyndall Stout won't be coming back after her baby, that means an entirely new anchor team (again!) at 28." Discuss.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Borys has a blog

Scranton Times-Tribune political writer Borys Krawczeniuk has been blogging about presidential politics for the last couple weeks, which is an excellent idea. The blog has been updated regularly (*cough*) with interesting stuff. Recommended reading. 

Kim Martucci gets an on-air proposal!

Former WBRE weather lady was proposed to recently on the air (!) down at WUSA in Washington. Wow. And wow.

Arsonist tries to torch new WNEP bureau

Someone tried to burn down the building housing WNEP's new Pocono bureau. Read the Pocono Record story for all the details and a picture of WNEP workers staring at a piece of lumber.

DeNaples lawyer meets with the Inky

How about this for unusual: Richard Sprague, the attorney for Louis DeNaples, had a lengthy sit-down with the Philadelphia Inquirer's editorial board to talk about the DeNaples case. It's a pretty interesting story for those following the DeNaples matter closely. Will Sprague meet with the Times-Tribune staff next?